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The Agribusiness Apprenticeship Center (AAC)

AAC is a social enterprise that is poised to transform local communities by building from the base through the utilization of local resources. AAC aims to reduce poverty and unemployment primarily among the youth in Ghana by building their capacities in diverse areas of agribusiness and helping them set up cottage-based industries for the local, national and export markets.

AAC aims at promoting partnerships among trainees and would encourage participants of the training to set up businesses together. The Center will also bring on investors including banks, micro finance institutions, venture capitals and individuals to invest in these small enterprises that will be set up by its graduates. The overarching proposition is for students to be trained and positioned to produce the specific products of their specialty for the local and international markets.

The Center will thus serve as an incubation hub with a focus on nurturing these enterprises which have a high potential for growth to become competitive agribusinesses by serving, adding value to, or linking to farm producers. This will be done using well designed curriculum with a focus on both theoretical and practical studies. Serving as an incubation hub, the center will further facilitate the growth of these businesses through the provision of a combination of services, such as shared facilities and equipment, business development, technology, finance, mentoring and networking.

Build from the Base


Building young people’s capacity to industrialize rural Ghana


The mission of AAC is to identify, train and establish young people in Ghana to set up small community agribusiness industries to create employment and build the rural areas in Ghana


The overall objective of AAC is to help industrialize Ghana through capacity building and setting up of cottage-based industries. Overall, AAC aims to achieve the following:

As a social enterprise, Agribusiness Apprenticeship Center boats of the following values:

- Transparency
- Inclusivity
- Climate action
- Good cooperate governance

- Confidentiality
- Collaboration and partnerships
- Promote diversity, equity and inclusion

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